Auto Injury

Have you been injured in an automobile accident and have had pain and discomfort that has interrupted your life? Auto accidents can have very serious consequences and can cause a variety of injuries such as broken bones, lacerations, headaches, neck pain, lower and mid-back pain, herniated disks, muscle pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain, knee pain, whiplash and many other injuries. The professionals at Medical Centers of Arizona Accident & Injury have been helping automobile accident patients relieve injuries for over 30 years.


It is important to get checked immediately by a doctor after an auto accident. Often auto accident victims don’t experience pain or inflammation right away but rather the symptoms will occur several days or even weeks later. Being seen by a doctor immediately can help prevent late onset of symptoms but if symptoms start to occur this indicates something in your body is injured and you need to be checked. Our auto injury medical doctors will help determine if you have residual injuries and get you the appropriate treatment. Our doctors will make sure they improve the quality of your life by relieving pain and preventing long term effects of your injuries while supporting you on the road to recovery.

Our professionally trained doctors and nurses will diagnose your injuries caused by your accident and treat your symptoms professionally. We will make adjustments to your body in order to decrease your pain, inflammation, muscle spasms and restore muscle movement. If medication is required, our medical doctors will prescribe the appropriate medication to help relieve your pain. Our goal is to give each of our patients personalized care to restore their overall health and give them their lives back again after an auto injury.

If you or someone you know has been in an auto accident, contact the medical staff at Medical Centers of Arizona Accident & Injury today.



“Our car was rear ended while merging into traffic on the freeway. The driver and I were both injured. By the second day we could hardly move and the bruises were starting to show. Medical Centers of Arizona Accident & Injury took our call, got us in immediately, treated our injuries, and cared for us during the entire healing process. They also got us an attorney who helped us win our case. I can’t recommend them enough.”